Member churches, missions, and ministries of the LRBA may borrow materials from our Resource Room free of charge.  Contact Christina at LRBA for a listing of available materials.


  1. Books, kits, videos, and other media materials are the property of the Louisville Regional Baptist Association. 

  2. The use of these materials shall be solely for the benefit of the churches, missions, and ministries of LRBA

  3.  A TV/VCR unit is available and may be utilized only at the LRBA office to view videos for potential study.

  4.  The duration of time that a church/mission/ministry may borrow the materials is as follows:  books (1 month); videos (1 month); and study modules/kits (time allowed is based upon kit study content).

  5. The duration of time that a church/ may check out the resource materials shall not exceed the time

    listed, unless otherwise approved by the supervising director.

  6. Before borrowing any resource materials from LRBA, the church/mission/ministry must complete the Borrower's Information and Release form.  The church/mission/ministry shall be responsible for the resource materials while they are in their possession and they shall be held accountable for damaged, late, or lost items.

  7.  Any repairs to damaged resource materials shall be made by the supervising director.

  8.  Resource materials damaged or lost shall be repaired or replaced at cost and billed to the ministry or church.



       Borrower's Information & Release