Volunteers Needed


Friendship International is seeking volunteers who are interested in sharing the love of Christ with women (and some men) from many diverse ethnic groups.  We offer a broad range of classes including English, sewing, cooking, music, etc. There are no special skills needed, except a smile and a willingness to serve. We are also in need of vans and drivers as we provide as much transportation as possible.  We meet each Wednesday beginning Sept. 6 at 9:00 am at Walnut Street Baptist Church in the activities building. If your church has a van that is not being used on Wednesday morning we could use your help.  If you are interested or need more information call Jane Allen at (502) 957-6038 or  (502) 303-8777 or Donna Martin at  (502) 244-0864.




Kendall Optometry Ministry (KOM) is an outgrowth of the Christian outreach of Fern Creek Baptist Church.  It is a non-profit corporation started in 2003. 

The ministry ships nearly 100,000 measured used prescription glasses to teams traveling to countries all over the world. These glasses are provided free to impoverished people in these countries.

We need volunteers to measure donated glasses. We provide equipment, supplies, and training in your home. Glasses measured will be checked and verified by an employee of KOM.

We also need people to sort through donated glasses to determine their usability and prepare them to be measured.  Detailed instructions are available for this process.

If you can help us, or if you know of someone who would be willing to help, please contact Sam Frizzell at 502-645-7792 or Holland Kendall at 502-640-2227.  For more information about the ministry visit  http://kom-inc.org