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A video message from Todd (March 19, 2020)
Hey Preacher, How's Your Soul (Video Conversation)
B.L.E.S.S. Your Neighbor: Next Steps for the Church (Video Conversation)


The LRBA office has a limited supply of masks for LRBA churches/ministries if you would like to pick them up at our location. Please call (502) 635-2601 to reserve some masks for your congregation. These masks are available on a firstcome, first-served basis. They are only available to ministries and churches, not businesses or individuals, and they are not to be sold.


SBC Call to Prayer

Corona Virus and the Church

Ministry Grid Training

Guidestone Resource Guide

Lifeway Digital Curriculum (FREE)

SundayMAG Response Resources

Union Association (Houston) Resource Articles (Includes Spanish)


The Lancet

World Health Organization – General COVID-19 page

World Health Organization – Myth Busters

World o Meter Coronavirus Counts

Local COVID-19 Case Tracking

CDC Community and Faith- Based Orgs Guidelines

John’s HopkinsCase Dashboard

Tools for Online Delivery

KBC Facebook Live How-tos

Darryl Wilson on Meeting online

How to Lead an Online Prayer Meeting

Zoom Video Conferencing

Digital Discipleship (Helps from

Worship Leader Resource Articles

Relief/Stimulus Funds Information

CARES Act (Senate Bill 3548)

Church Law & Tax (Richard Hammer) CARES Act Review

Baptist Press Q & A on Federal Relief Stimuls

Vanderbloemen Resources on CARE Act

Russell Moore: Church and the CARES Act

BP Article: CARES Act concerns resolved

What the Personal Stimulus Plan Means for You (Dave Ramsey)

Paycheck Protection Program Application

Online and Alternative Giving Options for Churches

Your church’s present church software company for database management may have options for giving online or by text to give; however, if you are looking for a quick option, please review some of the methods listed below and be sure to link it or mention it on your website, saved videos, or live stream feeds.



Lifeway Generosity

Paypal for Non-Profits


Givelify — Requires checking account verification for deposits

Check with your Database or Church Software Company for other options

Practical Tools for Loving Your Neighbors

The Church Connecting in an Age of Social Distancing [Video]

Prayerwalking Guide (Document)

Coronavirus Response: Praying through the crisis (IMB)

Neighbor Needs Survey (Document)

Prayer Map for Partner Churches (Link to Google Map)

Metro Louisville March for Meals Volunteer Sign-up

Neighbor Needs Survey with Logo (Document – Your logo can be added to the form)

Resources Towards Re-Entry

Ken Braddy, “24 Questions Your Church Should Answer Before People Return

Updates from Todd