Evangelism Resources

LRBA has several resources to help churches make an impact on the lostness in their communities.

Team members can come and speak with your church leaders about developing an evangelistic culture in your church. This gets to the heart of "why" do evangelism and not just "how" to do it.

The Evangelism Team is also available to provide “3 Circles: ” witness training for churches. For more information on training, contact Ken Vickery, Evangelism Chair at (502) 452-2681.

Evangelism Guides

3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide

The 3 Circles is a gospel presentation developed by Jimmy Scroggins, Pastor of First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, Florida.  Jimmy once served on the staff of Highview Baptist Church. 3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide is a very simple gospel presentation that can be used by everyone. Our Evangelism Team is equipped to train church leaders to implement 3 Circles in your church. 

Who’s Your One?

NAMB has produced a resource created to challenge every church member to actively participate in the Great Commission by selecting one person from their circle of influence and seeking opportunities to share the Gospel with that one. The kit includes a poster, a 30-day prayer guide, bookmarks and many downloadable resources. Kits are available at the LRBA office. 

Block Party Trailer

The rationale behind the Block Party Trailer is to provide LRBA member churches with a ready-made tool to go into a community or area and set up an outreach event that will touch people with the gospel, build bridges into the community, and develop a prospect database. Without the block party trailer, churches would have to rent or purchase the equipment individually to host a block party.

Trailer reservations are maintained by Farmdale Baptist Church. Contact information is included in the Block Party Trailer Manual.

Note: The fees and paperwork need to be in the LRBA office two weeks prior to the scheduled event date.